13 Reasons to Use Instagram Reels for Blogging Success

What are Instagram Reels?

You can use Instagram reels to make entertaining videos that you can share with your Instagram friends or anyone else. With new creative tools, audio, effects, and 15-second multi-clip videos can be recorded and edited.

You can show reels to your followers in Feed, and if you have a public Instagram account, you can show them to the entire Instagram community in a new Explore area. Anyone can use Reels in Explore to become an Instagram creator and reach new global audiences.

Businesses using Instagram now have access to a brand-new opportunity thanks to the Reels feature. Instagram Reels are 60-second videos that can be found on an account’s profile page as well as under the Reels tab at the bottom of the screen across the platform.

With Instagram Reels, you can share creative content in a format that is both highly trendy and engaging. Even though a reel is posted from an account’s profile, it is more likely than images to appear on Instagram’s Explore page, where suggested content is displayed.

A profile’s reach can be increased by introducing customers to new accounts through recommended content. We’ll go into greater detail about Instagram’s Explore feature and how to get viewers to watch your Reels there.

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The Explore Page

One important aspect of Reels’ success is the Explore Page. Depending on the industry, Instagram’s average engagement rate is between one and three percent. The Explore page is a fantastic way to expand your audience and boost engagement.

The statistics on the Explore Page speak for themselves: On Instagram, the Explore page is viewed by 200 million people each day, and half of all Instagram users visit it once a month. It clearly has value for any Instagram-using business: Your content will be more engaging if it is seen by more people.

It goes without saying that using Instagram reels to promote your business on Instagram can be very profitable. You should use Instagram Reels in your social media marketing efforts for the following additional reasons:

Increasing Engagement

Nearly ten years ago, Instagram introduced a video feature that allowed users to upload 15-second videos to their profiles. Reels are thought to be the same thing, but they are actually very different tools, and this is true even though they look different on your profile.

Reels were found to have a significantly higher average level of engagement than standard videos in a study of professional sports leagues that used them. The NFL is the league that uses reels the most, with an average of 67% more engagement than with standard video content.

Reels outperform standard videos, according to the data, especially for profiles with established audiences. For instance, despite the NHL’s account posting less than four reels per month on average, engagement increased by more than 50%. It is a smart and strategic move to use Instagram Reels to help improve your content’s performance on the highly competitive platform.

Keeping Up with Trends

The Reels function is another illustration of how a marketing strategy can greatly benefit from keeping up with social media trends. Reels’s format is similar to that of TikTok, which has more than 600 million users worldwide and features catchy, short-form videos. Many Instagram users were drawn to TikTok, and as a result, Instagram decided to launch their own short-form vertical video: Reels.

Presently, videos that are brief and engaging are at the center of social media. They are what customers are most interested in and respond to. Every business can use trendy vertical videos to diversify their content, reach new audiences, and increase engagement. Instagram Reels are currently a tool to keep a close eye on because staying on top of trends is essential to social media marketing.

Explore Your Creative Side

With its impressive daily user count, Instagram is an excellent platform for businesses to experiment with content creation. If you want to push the creativity of your brand, you can also use the Reels function.

Creating Instagram Reels

Select Instagram reels at the camera’s bottom. On the left side of your screen, you’ll find a number of creative editing tools to help you make your reel, including:

  • Audio: Browse the Instagram music library for a song. By simply recording a reel with your own original audio, you can also use it. If you have a public account, people can create Instagram reels with your audio by selecting “Use Audio” from your reel. When you share a reel with original audio, your audio will be credited to you.
  • Effects of AR: To record multiple clips with various effects, select one of the numerous effects in our effect gallery, which were created by creators worldwide as well as by Instagram users.
  • Counter and Timer: Set the clock to record any of your clasps sans hands. A 3-2-1 countdown will appear after you press the record button, and then the recording will begin for the time period you selected.
  • Align: Before recording your next clip, line up objects from the previous one to facilitate seamless transitions for events like changing outfits or adding new friends to your reel.
  • Speed: You can either speed up or slow down a portion of the audio or video you’ve chosen. This can assist you with remaining on a beat or make slow movement recordings.

Video uploads from your gallery or a series of individual clips can be used to record reels. By pressing and holding the capture button, you can record the first clip. As you record, a progress bar will appear at the top of the screen. To end each clip, stop recording.

You can promote your blog and share it with your followers using Reels to reach the vast and varied Instagram community on Explore. Having a Public Account: You can share your reel to a dedicated space in Explore, where the wider Instagram community can view and discover it.

Posting your reel to your Feed is another way to share it with your followers. When you share Instagram reels that feature particular songs, hashtags, or effects, people who click on those songs, hashtags, or effects may also see your reel on separate pages.

Social media is becoming increasingly popular as the world goes digital. One could potentially reach a billion people with just a few clicks. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your company could reach the same audience? Well, it could happen. If you don’t believe me, Instagram is where most of your potential customers are. 500 million people use this app every day, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. Your sales can rise dramatically if you use the right marketing strategy.

Instagram Reels is a great place to promote your brand and increase its reach thanks to one of its features. It is trendy and rapidly gaining a large audience because it is a new feature. The most popular reels are those that are entertaining, interesting, and dependable. Instagram Reels are a great marketing tool when combined with these features.

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Increase Your Audiences

The best thing about social media marketing is that you can still reach many people regardless of your budget. You don’t have to buy expensive cameras or lights. You can still make a video that goes viral. There are a lot of viral videos without any of these! This enables the brand to rapidly increase its recognition, resulting in an increase in revenue.

Due to the majority of Instagram users being Generation Z, many brands overlook Instagram Reels; however, today’s youth are tomorrow’s adults. As a result, no business should target “older people” as its target demographic. The company’s future will simply be hampered by this.

The majority of businesses try to fill niches in order to grow quickly. This makes your brand known to the specific community. The members of the community will almost certainly back you and your reels. Travel, beauty, fashion, and health and fitness are the most lucrative Instagram niches. However, smaller niches should be explored first by small businesses. Feel free to join larger communities once you’ve mastered Instagram reels.

Have Fun with Your Viewers

Reels offer a wide range of engagement opportunities. However, the majority of people do not profit from it. Be different from them. Building your social media presence requires you to engage your followers. They will associate your brand with friendliness and good reviews, which will have an effect on sales. Promoting a business on Instagram in this way is extremely effective.

There are various ways of executing this through Reels. In the Instagram reels, discuss a contentious issue and encourage viewers to support their side or voice their opinions in the comment section. This will make the audience feel more strongly, so you need to be heard to successfully engage them. This might even be posted to their Instagram stories. Responding to their remarks is crucial. They will be further motivated to provide feedback as a result of this.

Encourage Trust

Reels permit you to recount your story. Viewers are able to establish a personal connection with you by hearing about your triumphs, setbacks, and experiences. They’ll empathize with you and become familiar with your brand. This makes people want to buy from your company. As previously stated, establishing a connection with the younger audience will increase brand recognition and build trust. A brand that has been around since childhood is more likely to come to mind than a more recent one. They’ll be more likely to choose your brand because they’ll feel at ease. They will trust the credibility and are probably going to buy your item.

Educate them

It has been demonstrated that educational reels alone produce results. These reels offer a break in pace. There are a lot of funny and entertaining posts on Instagram. Educational reels do this by attracting the attention of the audience. Educational reels can feature products from your company. Inform the audience of the items in your section. Inform them of the specifications to keep an eye out for when purchasing goods similar to yours. Giving advice on how to use these products will make them more popular. The number of potential customers will rise as a result.

Introduce Your Employees

This works particularly well for small businesses. Individual employees can be introduced by small businesses. Make them relatable to the audience by highlighting their quirks. By showing your team, viewers can see that your brand is run by a family that works hard behind the scenes. Making reels with your employees also demonstrates the enjoyable work environment your business provides for its employees. People will realize that your brand values and appreciates each member, which can significantly increase your brand’s likability.

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Blooper reels

These are simple ways to post content when you don’t have any ideas for Instagram reels. Blooper Reels, on the other hand, should not be saved for an emergency. Blooper Reels are entertaining and funny. These can make up charming substance in itself and now and again be more viable than your arranged substance. Make it a point to post Reels bloopers that are still relevant. If not, it’s possible that they won’t be as successful as expected.

Study Your Competitors’ Patterns If your competitors are on Instagram Reels, learn about them. Report on their posts and look for trends in them. The research process will run much more smoothly as a result. Learn how they interact with the audience. Take inspiration from their reels for your business account.

Giveaways and competitions

Bring out your audience’s competitive side! To increase post-audience interaction, hold competitions and give away prizes. The winner will be selected from the comments posted by your audience if you encourage them to do so. The giveaway strategy is also used by many influencers to increase their following! Typically, all that is required to participate in the giveaway is to like, comment on, and share the Instagram reels as well as follow a few specific accounts.

The Purpose of Your Brand

For businesses that are dedicated to a greater cause, this will be extremely helpful. The audience will have a better understanding of the gravity of the situation if you post reels that educate about the issue and raise awareness of the issue. Describe the strategies and solutions your company is employing to address this issue. The audience will be motivated to support your brand more strongly.

Instagram Reels is a very effective tool for marketing. One can get in touch with every person on the platform because of the platform’s adaptability. Although it is highly beneficial to get a head start on these platforms, it is not necessary. Your brand could go viral if you were ahead of the curve and understood the game. Be consistent is the key to maintaining a steady social media presence. To demonstrate your dependability, create an atmosphere of significant public engagement.

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Using a Private Account: Instagram reels adheres to your Instagram privacy settings. You can share your reel to Feed so that only your followers can view it. Your Instagram reels cannot be shared with others who do not follow you, and original audio from them cannot be used. Move to the share screen once your reel is complete to save a draft, change the cover image, add a caption and hashtags, and tag your friends. People will be able to find your shared reels on a separate Reels tab on your profile after you share it. Your reel will appear on your main profile grid if you also share to your Feed, but you can remove it.

You can send a private or public message or share your reel with your Story, close friends, or other users. Your reel will behave just like a regular Story if you do this: it won’t be shared with other Reels in Explore, it won’t show up on your profile, and it won’t stay up for more than 24 hours. Reels in Explore showcase the best Instagram culture that is currently trending. In a vertical feed made just for you, check out a fun collection of reels created by anyone on Instagram. You can easily like, comment on, and share a reel with your friends if you enjoy it.

Additionally, you’ll see Instagram reels labeled “Featured.” You will be informed if your reel is featured in Explore. Instagram has selected a selection of public reels to serve as featured reels to assist you in discovering original content that, we hope, will enthrall and inspire you. Reels gives people new ways to express themselves, helps people who want to become creators take center stage, and shows them more of what they love about Instagram.

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